With all the technical advancement, wooden floors are favorites worldwide. Adding warmth and sophistication, it easily matches any decorating style and design and seamlessly works with any room in the home. Wooden planks can either be solid wood in various thickness or they can be engineered planks that feature a thinner layer of natural hardwood affixed to an engineered substrate which can be applied directly over a concrete floor. Solid wood floors must be applied over a plywood subfloor.

Engineered hardwood flooring is real hardwood; the word ‘engineered’ just refers to the way in which it’s made. This flooring offers several advantages over the classical floorings like tiles and marbles. Therefore, a large number of people are nowadays opting for them for their house. These floors are said to lend a sense of permanence to an interior and remain to be the most popular flooring choice for those who value tradition. Engineered wood flooring works well in kitchens, basements and bathrooms where light moisture might be present. Ease of installation and their environmentally friendly benefits have made them popular.

    Floor Maintenance

  • Chemical sprays like mosquito repellents, hair sprays, deodorants have adverse effect on wooden flooring.
  • Wood has a natural property of expansion and contraction. Water in any form can cause damage to wooden flooring.
Why Wooden Flooring