Why we need Wood Flooring

Most of the time use of Wooden Flooring for home & office space in India is over-looked by people thinking that it is more expensive than carpet and linoleum. However, wood flooring can benefit owners over the time by keeping it elegant and environment friendly over ages. Recently, there are a percentage of people who have opted for wood flooring in India for its beauty, variety, economy and longevity.


Why can you opt for Wooden Flooring?

You should consider wood floors for your house due to following unique reasons :


  1. Decades of Longevity – Wood floors have higher longevity when compared to carpets and linoleum. You must have observed that you need to replace your carpet every 5 years, due to stains; holes etc from everyday wear & tear. Luckily such problems are not attached with wood floors. With minimum of maintenance these floors remains as it is and flaunts the same beauty over the years.

  3. Convenient for Cleaning – Wood floors are easier to clean. A simple brush or vacuum cleaning will make the floor looks great.  Dirt & dust dragged inside by kids and pets can be removed with ease in such floors.

  5. Hygienic by Nature – Wood restricts allergen producing, dust mites, fleas to occupy the floor unlike in carpets which creates havoc for allergy sufferers. Leading health associations agree that wooden flooring is the perfect choice for a healthier home.

  7. Odour at Bay – Apart from being hygiene these floors also keeps unpleasant odours from animals and other spilled materials at bay. The aroma of a polished wooden floor is a delight and will make your home more inviting.

  9. Timeless Appeal – The most important advantages of hardwood floor that many people overlook is the timeless appeal. Tiles, carpet or linoleum definitely go in and out of fashion but wood’s appeal has lasted for centuries and now wood is more popular than ever.

  11. Cost Effective – New production methods have made such luxurious flooring an easy catch to buy. There are different types of wood floors which can be produced cheaply making it available for all budgets.

Bottom line is that hardwood floors have vivid benefits when compared to other flooring options. You might feel that price is little higher than other forms but in long run this type of floor is most economical. If you care for your money, health & time then buying wooden floors for your house will be a best decision you will make for your house.

Why to Choose Wooden Flooring for Your Home